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Algorithms Overview


The optic flow computation from Lucas and Kanade is based on the image brightnes constancy assumption which states that for a motion (u,v) of a point in an image I the brightness of the point does not change:

I(x, y, t) = I(x+u, y+v, t+1)

Using first order Taylor expansion leads to the gradient constraint equation

Ix u + Iy v + It = 0

This underdetermined system is solved by a least squares estimate over an image patch given by

(u v)T = [Σ (Ix Iy)T(Ix Iy) ]-1 Σ It(Ix Iy)T


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An implementation of the described algorithm using integer or floating point arithmetics is provided in:

"visual_processing/optic_flow/LucasKanade.hpp" "visual_processing/optic_flow/LucasKanade.cpp"

The sample code computes a single optc flow vector over an image patch. Different kernels can be used for the spatial gradient computation. The method returns the estimated optic flow vector as a homogeneous vector (x, y, d) .

An example for using the sample code is given in


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