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The Curvace Data Stream (CDS) Viewer is a GUI application used to open CDS files recorded with the Curvace Simulator or the Curvace Viewer.


CDS-Viewer - main application window with file selection (right), tabbed file view (top left) and controls (bottom left)

The main application window is split into three areas. On the right we have a file selection dialog (showing the local file system) where CDS files can be opened by double-clicking on the file. The listing shows only files with a .cds ending.

The top left area shows any opened cds files in a tabbed environment showing the name of the file. If a timestamp or a marker is available it is shown below the frame. Optic flow vectors are overlaid over the frame display.

Below the tab area is the control area. The slider and buttons allow to move through the cds files. The next and previous buttons allow to step directly to the next frame with a marker. The brightness scale and brightness base level sliders allow to adjust the visualisation.

Right-clicking in the viewer window opens a context menu which allows to seperately save parts of the current cds file (optic flow, visual data) either as a new cds file or as a text file. The 'optimize contrast' option in the context menu will compute mean and variance of the current files data and adjust the brightness to achieve a good visual contrast.

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