The Laboratory of Intelligent Systems in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne will be responsible for coordination of CURVACE and for carrying out the assigned tasks. The laboratory, which is part of the Institute of Micro-engineering, is directed by Prof. Dario Floreano and consists of approximately 20 PhD, postdocs, and engineers with the mission of extracting principles of biological organization and translating them into design principles of intelligent artifacts with adaptive intelligence. This includes development, integration, and prototyping of micro-mechatronic systems, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and study of biological systems in collaboration with biologists. The laboratory capitalizes on the support of a Micro-mechanical workshop and of a Printed Circuit Centre with 7 members engaged in the routing of electrical circuits, circuit printing, bonding of electronic microcomponents, embedding into micro-mechanical components, and 3D printing. The laboratory has developed several award-winning technologies related to the tasks assigned in this project, such asvision-based indoor flying robots, jumping and gliding micro-robots, insect-inspired vision systems based both on conventional CMOS imagers and on aVLSI adaptive chips, multi-cellular electronic tissues, and wearable sensors with adaptive and self-calibrating circuitry.


DarioFLoreano white

Dario Floreano

Project Coordinator


ClaudioBruschini white

Claudio Bruschini

Project Manager

RamonPericet white

Ramon Pericet-Camara

EPFL Group Leader
Postdoctoral Researcher

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Geraud L'Eplattenier



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Michal Dobrzynski

PhD Student
Website Administrator


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