CURVACE – CURVed Artificial Compound Eyes

Date Submitted Jan 10, 2012          Publication Year 2021         
Ramon Pericet-Camara, Michal Dobrzynski, Géraud L’Eplattenier, Jean-Christophe Zufferey, Fabien Expert, Raphaël Juston, Franck Ruffier, Nicolas Franceschini, Stéphane Viollet, Mohsine Menouni, Stéphanie Godiot, Andreas Brückner, Wolfgang Buss, Robert Leitel, Fabian Recktenwald, Chunrong Yuan, Hanspeter Mallot, Dario Floreano

CURVACE aims at designing, developing, and assessing CURVed Artificial Compound Eyes, a radically novel family of vision systems. This innovative approach will provide more efficient visual abilities for embedded applications that require motion analysis in low-power and small packages. Compared to conventional cameras, artificial compound eyes will offer a much larger field of view with negligible distortion and exceptionally high temporal resolution in smaller size and weight that will fit the requirements of a wide range of applications.

CURVACE – CURVed Artificial Compound Eyes,

CURVACE - CURVed Artificial Compound Eyes
R. Pericet-Camara, M. Dobrzynski, G. L'Eplattenier, J.-C. Zufferey, F. Expert, R. Juston, F. Ruffier, N. Franceschini, S. Viollet, M. Menouni, S. Godiot, A. Brückner, W. Buss, R. Leitel, F. Recktenwald, C. Yuan, H. Mallot, and D. Floreano
Procedia Computer Science, vol. 7, pp. 308-309, 2011
DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2011.09.040